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The Importance of Brand Marketing With Di-Di Hoffman
16th January 2023 • The Power of Authority Spotlight • Michelle Prince
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Di-Di Hoffman is the Founder of BadassPreneurs Academy, the one-and-only rainmaker academy for wellness professionals who want to become recognized experts in their category. A seasoned horticulturist turned rainmaking geek, Di-Di is the creator of The Perpetual Rainmaking Machine and the host of The Badass Wellness Coach Show, the show for solo practitioners and coaches who want to 10X their impact, profit, and growth. 

Di-Di is also the Founder of The Herb Academy, a platform where people learn about herbs and how to use them responsibly. Additionally, his The BadassPreneurs Think Tank community of solopreneurs is redefining mindsets, mental models, and mechanics to run a successful online business.

In this episode…

Do you have a growth mindset, and are you in pursuit of building a wildly successful and fulfilling business? Where can you get the support you desire to help you navigate the ever-changing business world? 

According to Di-Di Hoffman, many entrepreneurs fail because they don't market themselves. Their businesses fail to thrive due to a lack of awareness regarding their existence and offerings. He says there are various methods entrepreneurs can use to create awareness of their businesses' existence to be successful. Di-Di shares how he helps professionals boost their visibility, get more clients, and build a strong business network. 

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Di-Di Hoffman, Founder of BadassPreneurs Academy, to discuss why entrepreneurs need to market their brands. Di-Di shares his background as a seasoned horticulturist and a modern-day rainmaking geek, how he helps wellness professionals be more visible, the importance of brand marketing, and the masterminds he is about to launch.