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197. Holiday Proofing Your Business & Life: Mastering the Balance of Family & Business During Busy Seasons
Episode 19713th November 2023 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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In this episode of the Luminary Leadership Podcast, I wanted to come on here and talk to you about holiday proofing your business. How can you lean in, reflect, and/or leverage this time of year that is best for you personally and your business? That is what I am sharing with you today. We will talk about how to set up and assess your schedule so it is reflective of what matters most.

What if this is your busiest time of the year in business? I will share how you can still optimize your operations while prioritizing the personal things that are most meaningful to you. 

The holidays can be chaotic and busy or you can set them up to be strategic and enjoyable in both business and life. I hope this episode serves you well leading into the holidays so that you, your team members, your business, and your family can truly savor the season as it is meant to be. 

Episode Outline: 

​​Setting Yourself Up for a Restorative Holiday Season (00:01:05) 

Strategies for a Productive and Stress-Free Holiday Season (00:02:17)

Identifying Non-Negotiables and Priorities (00:09:33) 

Creating a Holiday Schedule (00:12:38) 

Strategies for Launching During the Holidays (00:15:32) 

Optimizing and Honoring Yourself and Your Family (00:19:42) 

Leading and Supporting Your Team (00:21:44) 

Leveraging the Holiday Season for Business Growth (00:24:25)

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