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Day 6 - January 6, 2020 - Make Your Bed
Episode 66th January 2020 • Your Personal Hype Man with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Day: 006

Date: Monday, Jan. 6, 2020

Note from Aimee J.Yes, it’s Monday, but it is YOUR day. You got this!

Topic: Make Your Bed

Action: Make your bed. And keep making it every morning. Then be proud you’ve accomplished one thing already that day. You got this


You are Awesome.
You are Loved.
You are Needed. And most importantly,

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Good day family. It's your personal hype man. Aimee J. So good to be with you guys here today on this Monday, January 6, 2020. Happy day guys. I know, I know. It's a Monday. I'm a little too happy. A little too hyped for some of you guys. But yeah, look positively, look at things positively because it makes things a little bit easier if you look at it that way. If you just go, woe is me it makes things a little bit more difficult. So I choose to think of things, um, optimistically as much as I can. But for you guys, I'm on, I'm there and it's a great day. I know some of y'all are coming off of that Christmas, New Year holiday. You're back to work or back to school. I'm sorry. But try to think of things positively. You get to back. Go back and see your friends, the coworkers you like, you know, that kind of thing.

Which leads us into our gratitude activity. As you know, on January 1st we talked about gratitude and how it's important to think about three things you are grateful for. Now we're doing our best to name three different things because there's always something we've been grateful for. And so today is the last day that we're doing this. Uh, so it's important to do it guys. It really does change your mindset. So for me, three things I'm grateful for. One, my day job, I do enjoy it. I know some people are trying to get away from that life, but I actually came back to the company I'm with. I love it. I love the people I work with, so I'm very grateful for that. Two. Um, a can do attitude. Yeah, you know, I just have been feeling the last few weeks very positively, very, um, into the, what's going to happen in 2020.

I have no idea, but for whatever reason, um, I know some people struggle with thinking optimistically thinking like I can do. Um, I'm grateful that I, that I don't have that much of a difficulty with that. There is still some days that I struggle some times, but lately, um, it hasn't been as difficult, so I'm thankful for that. Number three, I got to thank team, Aimee J., Not just my listeners. You guys are awesome. Not just those who support me, but uh, the people behind the scenes that you guys don't see. The Ruth, the Jose, the OB, um, Team podcast, Pro Podcast Solutions, all the folks that help me make this magic happen. Its, it takes a village guys. And I'm just grateful for that. So those are my three things. What are your three things that you are grateful for today? Now, do your best to come up with three different things.

Alright? And don't just stop with this week. Keep it going right. It doesn't have to be a big thing. Just wake up and say, Hey, what are three things I'm thankful for today? What we're going to talk about today is actually works if you are just waking up. But if you're not, do this for tomorrow and this is what I want you to do is I want you to make your bed. It sounds weird. I know you're thinking, Aimee, you're not my mom. You're not my dad. You're not my parent. I know I'm not, but I'm your hype man. I want what's best for you and I want to support you to be the best that you are, and this is actually something that came from U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven and he delivered a commencement speech. I saw it on GoalCast. I was just really moved by what he was saying and what he said was, "Make your bed."

If you want to make a difference in your life, in the world, make your bed. It may seem like a very small thing, but in actuality it's a very powerful thing because what it does is it's one thing you've done and accomplished for the day. You've already, you're all the days off to a great start. Why? Because you made your bed and at the end of the day if you come back and you've had a great day, super, but if you've had a bad day, then you can at least come home to a made bed and think, man, no matter what else happened, I got a comfortable made bed to get into. That's one thing I did today that worked. And it's such a powerful thing because it kickstarts success, right? It's a check off your to do list and some of us just don't have time. Make the time to make your bed and think about how you've already successfully done something for the day.

Not a huge thing, not a huge thing, admittedly, but it is something small that can build and build and build and grow throughout the day. But at least it's one thing you can say you've done for the day. I highly recommend you check out, uh, Admiral McRaven talk. It was amazing. I'll have the links in the show notes or the description on the podcast version. Alexa, I'm not sure how you do it, but to find it go to and you'll find it there. Guys, I want you to take that. I want you to run with it. Run with making your bed because it is something that you can do and accomplish. And if you're already halfway through the day, either when you get home, make the bed or make it in the morning and start that habit. So don't just do it because I'm saying it, but make it a habit. All right? All right guys. Until next time when we talk tomorrow, remember, you are awesome. You are loved, you are needed, and most importantly, without a doubt, you are enough as you are. Don't let anybody tell you differently. So till tomorrow guys, don't stop, keep chasing.