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202 : Tyler Nelson – Understanding a 7 figure eCommerce business at 22 years old
25th May 2017 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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I labeled the episode this way as play up the fact Tyler did not finish a formal business degree. Rather he has achieved a real life MBA with a challenging sometimes frustrating ecommerce business. Which will serve him better in his future? I don’t downplay the importance of a college education, I have one. But some people learn different ways and if they never find the way that works for them, they end up as a retail clerk with a Master degree wishing they could do it over again. We all know someone who has the education but can not find a job in that field. Imagine that they could! Imagine someone creating a successful business and then going to get the education for the thing they love afterwards? Imagine affording to do whatever you want as you have created a skill set that allows that! Well Tyler has and it is inspiring to me as I know it will be for you too.


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