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The Ultimate Guide to Building Successful Analytics Engineering Teams
Episode 7715th February 2023 • Level-up Engineering • Apex Lab
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Interview with Gopal Erinjippurath, CTO and Head of Product at Sust Global. He shares valuable insights on how to build and manage analytics engineering teams.

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In this interview we're covering:

  • Analytics engineering 101
  • Success metrics
  • Assembling analytics engineering teams
  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Common pitfalls

Excerpt from the interview:

"We’re a mission-driven team that wants to serve the environment and businesses as well. We’re looking at business impact and expertise, so we like to hire engineers who have the required skill set of climate modeling, remote sensing, machine learning and platform engineering and who also resonate with our mission. 

There’s an increased drive across junior and mid-level engineers to work in a climate-related field and to use technology to combat the climate crisis. There has never been a better time to get into the field of climate, and it benefits both parties. The companies are very lucky to have access to this kind of talent, and engineers who want to work in this field can choose from a lot of jobs recently."

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