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3 Tips for Finishing the Year Strong as an Entrepreneur
Episode 57th December 2021 • Millennial Mom Movement • Amanda Rush Holmes
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Can you believe there are only 25 days left in the year? That’s 600 hours and 36,000 minutes, to be exact. When you put it like that it seems like all time in the world is definitely on our side. But I know first hand how it also feels like we blink and suddenly a whole week, or even a month, has flown by. So let me ask you a question, how are YOU going to spend your last 25 days of the year? Most people by now are either in the holiday mentality, where all goals, diets and anything else they may have valued goes right out the window. The other half of the people are waiting until that coveted January 1 mark to start making changes and tackle that habit they want to start or that project they’ve been putting off. Me, I'll be sprinting to the finish line this year! In this episode I'm sharing my three coveted tips for finishing the year strong as a mom, as a female business owner and as an entrepreneur. Grab a pen, because you're going to want to jot these down!


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