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#80 Learn How to Grow and Monetize Your Membership Site with Tom McNeill of Patreon
22nd March 2021 • The Lil' Drummer Girl • The Tampa Bay Podcast Network
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Greetings My Lovely Drumsters,

Drumroll I am sharing an interview we had with Tom McNeill of Patreon.  This is part of the Tampa Jam continued series. 

Tom McNeill, Creator Partnerships Associate at Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for artists to get paid is here to tell you some of the amazing benefits you can easily obtain to help you find your niche, grow your audience, and get start funding your venture online.

Tom will share tips on how you can grow your audience and tell you all of the benefits of starting your own Patreon membership site so that you can get financial support for your creative endeavors.

Tom is a problem solver, strategic thinker and arts advocate with a decade of experience working with cultural, digital and creative organizations. Before joining Patreon in 2019, Tom’s career was shaped by work with artists, orchestras, festivals, venues, promoters, media organizations, record labels, music agencies and other creatively-minded entities. Tom began  his arts career in the 3-person team of the Cambridge Literary Festival before moving on to manage communications and digital strategy for the Academy of Ancient Music followed by the London Jazz Festival. Management agency HarrisonParrott then invited him to join their team in order to expand the agency’s ‘beyond-classical’ offering where he developed and represented projects for artists such as Jess Gillam, Stewart Copeland and Quincy Jones. 

So grab your favorite beverage, earbuds and join us and take a listen to Tom's pearl's of wisdom on how to grow your tribe.

You can also catch the video version at YouTube on The Tampa Jam VLOG site at:

Tom's Interview Video

Rock On & Rock Out!