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Nurturing Our Sense Of Humanity In Order To Survive And Thrive
Episode 1918th May 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was felt worldwide. But by looking at and learning from what happened and how people responded to it, we can get a far better idea of where to go from here. However, one thing that became obvious was the need to continue to nurture our sense of humanity and take better care of one another.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayers sits down with world thought leader Dr. Partha Ghosh. Dr. Ghosh is known as an innovator of business and economic models, advising business and government leaders around the world. Jennifer and Dr. Ghosh discuss how the coronavirus highlighted the positive and negative sides of humanity, and what’s needed to not just survive but thrive as the pandemic comes to a close.

Act 1: Preparation and action

Dr. Ghosh’s background (1:24)

Jennifer and Dr. Partha Ghosh discuss his education and experience, including working with governments and major corporations.

Early days of the COVID-19 pandemic (4:24)

Dr. Ghosh shares his insight and experience with the initial outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, both in developed and lower-income countries. He was shocked at how slowly developed countries were to respond to the pandemic.

Dr. Ghosh’s personal experience (7:48)

Dr. Ghosh details his experience finding out about the pandemic and lockdown. He explains how he used that time to think ahead and prepare.

Act 2: Humanity

The impact on work (10:43)

As a teacher, not much changed for Dr. Ghosh. He simply transitioned to remote work, which the students adapted to quickly. For clients, Dr. Ghosh checked in to see how they were adjusting, which tightened some of those relationships.

Renewed sense of humanity (13:37)

One of the unintentional benefits of the pandemic is the reminder that everyone is human and potentially dealing with issues beyond our first sight. Dr. Ghosh explains his idea behind the “human care system” that includes taking care of each others’ physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Act 3: Taking the next step

Technology accelerated (21:11)

Technology has taken a massive leap forward over the last year of the pandemic. But as Dr. Ghosh points out, there’s a need to think about things like the environment, spirituality, and the less fortunate at the same time.

The weaker instincts of humanity (27:13)

When Jennifer and Dr. Ghosh spoke months ago, he touched on the reality the pandemic has revealed the weaker instincts of humanity. Dr. Ghosh believes the pandemic has highlighted a pretty big divide, which could lead to much larger issues.

Act 4: Surviving and thriving

Biggest surprises (32:00)

Just like most people, Dr. Ghosh was surprised by a few things during the pandemic; both good and bad. He was surprised by the resiliency and ingenuity that came about but was disappointed by humanity’s disobedience. 

Advice to leaders and organizations (38:26)

Dr. Ghosh provides some more insight on what he noticed during the pandemic and some final bits of advice for leaders and organizations looking to not just survive, but thrive as well.