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How can we overcome the complexity of market access for medical devices in Spain, Sergio Gil?
Episode 5715th January 2024 • MAP - Market Access Podcast • Dr. Stefan Walzer
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Are you intrigued by the pulsing heart of Spain’s healthcare sector, or are you considering navigating the vibrant market of medical devices in Spain? Dive into our latest Market Access podcast episode where we unravel the complexities and dynamism of Spain’s medical landscape. 🇪🇸

Join us as Sergio Gil, a seasoned veteran with over three decades in the medical device industry, shares his invaluable insights. From understanding Spain's unique regional healthcare powers to decoding the reimbursement conundrums, Sergio illuminates the path to successful market entry and what makes Spain not just culturally, but commercially captivating.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover:

🔹 The striking differences between the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors in Spain.

🔹 An insider’s guide to Spain’s decentralized healthcare approach and how it impacts market access.

🔹 Key strategies for companies aiming to penetrate the Spanish market – straight from the expert.

🔹 The burgeoning world of digital health in Spain and the emerging trends to watch out for.

Whether you're a startup eyeing Spain for your next big launch or a seasoned player looking to deepen your market footprint, this episode is packed with strategic gold.

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