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EP22. 4 Big Retirement Purchases
Episode 2228th February 2024 • Hello Retirement • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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In this episode, we explore four major retirement purchases that can bring joy and fulfillment to retirees. It discusses the importance of spending money on experiences rather than material possessions. From the excitement of planning a trip to the satisfaction of exploring new places, We emphasize the value of investing in memorable experiences. We particularly highlight the anticipation and gratification associated with pre-planned trips, such as a 16-day European adventure, and the lasting impact of those experiences.

Key Points:

#1 The joy of investing in experiences during retirement

#2 Practical considerations for purchasing a home as a retiree

#3 Tips for making a thoughtful decision when purchasing an RV

#4 Considerations when buying a new vehicle in retirement

#5 The value of planning and experiencing travel during retirement

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