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Lyme Disease, Family, and Holistic Healing With Practitioner Amanda Dahl
Episode 578th May 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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"It almost became a puzzle. How can we solve this? What's the next thing?" - Amanda Dahl

When Amanda Dahl and her husband started experiencing strange and debilitating symptoms, they didn’t think they were in for an 18-year journey of mystery and uncertainty. Little did they know that their son's diagnosis of autism and Lyme disease would be the catalyst to discovering the root cause of their struggles - and the unconventional combination of treatments that would eventually bring healing and wholeness to their family.

Amanda's own battle with chronic illness and Lyme disease has given her a profound understanding of the importance of addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in the healing process. Together with her husband, Christopher, Amanda co-founded Dahl Holistic Health.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delve into the challenges faced in accurate Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Explore the potential benefits of alternative healing methods like energy therapy and holistic health.
  • Understand the critical role that emotional healing plays in the journey to wellness.

Connect with Amanda Dahl:

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