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Robert from Unprepared DMs
Episode 818th May 2021 • How Not to Dungeon Master • T4C Studios
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Robert is a modern renaissance man who is working on tons of different projects at once. He's got a Twitch channel that he streams on daily, both video games and D&D, and also has his own podcast where he talks to D&D content creators and Dungeon Masters. His episode focuses on his learnings as a newer DM, and he made great points about the communication between the DM and players and how that can improve everyone's experience at the table.

Robert is also a proud dad of two kids and five dogs, works at Universal Studios, is working on his marketing degree, and finds some time for sleep in between all of that. 

Here are the links to the Unprepared DMs Podcast, the Unprepared DMs Twitter account, and Robert's Twitch channel, AlphaNovah95 on Twitch, where he streams his Rise of Lazarus Game at 9:30 Eastern each Monday.

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