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1st May 2021 • Pursuing Profit with Principles • Regina Partain Bergman
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Welcome to the Pursuing Profit with Principles Podcast

Entrepreneurs are often seeking new ways to make their business more efficient, less stressful and more profitable. Each Monday and Friday, join me Regina Partain Bergman, best selling author, and Profit Acceleration specialist. I'm a serial entrepreneur who built a multi million dollar business, only to see it fail in the financial crash of 2008. And then rose from the ashes to create three more businesses including my current business Bridgeport strategy, where I help transform businesses both online and offline, as well as local economies, while helping entrepreneurs realize their vision of impacting lives and changing the world. I love being a part of the ripple effect you create when you step into your superpower, your purpose and passion and then make a difference in the world.

 In this podcast, we'll explore how to make your business more successful. I'll interview other entrepreneurs at various stages of success to share with you their journey and what's working for them now. They'll share leadership principles, they'll talk about how pursuing their purpose and passion has impacted their success. And they'll identify at least one profit strategy that has made an impact in the profitability of their business.

 Additionally, my co-host Barbara Sayers and I will share basic marketing and the five steps to generating profit in your business. I will work to help you create a profitable business, alleviating the stress, which allows for better communication and less stress in the office and the home. If you're an entrepreneur seeking more time, more profit or cash flow in your business and less stress in your life, resulting in more freedom and improved relationships, then this is the podcast for you. Remember, I'll be here every Monday and Friday to greet you and to kick off and end your week on a positive note.