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How Do You Know When You Know?
Episode 315th December 2020 • The Lipsticks Podcast • The Lipsticks Podcast
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In the second instalment of The Lipsticks Podcast, Sarah and Jess weigh in on the million dollar question - how do you know when you’re gay?

We talk about our experiences of how we came to the realisation that we were women who are attracted to other women, and how this played a part in how we chose to label ourselves.

This week the news topic up for discussion is that BBC staff are allowed to attend Pride parades, after previously being told that staff shouldn't attend marches about "controversial issues".

Stick around to the end of the pod to find out which made-up word will be joining our Gay Glossary this week. Stick the kettle on, kick back and get ready for some feel-good, gay chat!

Spoiler alert! This podcast may contact traces of giggling, northern accents, sarcasm and gay references.

Links to resources discussed in the podcast:

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