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Divine Feminine CEO - The Uncorporette EPISODE 27, 17th August 2021
Discipline & Restoring Yourself
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Discipline & Restoring Yourself

As moms, we all know that we SHOULD take more time to restore. But in practice? It's not so easy.

In this episode, we'll talk about how truly restoring yourself as a mom takes DISCIPLINE - because most of the time? We'd rather watch Netflix that do yin yoga.

We talk about...

  • Cultivating awareness of your "life force level"
  • Sensing the "red flags" that tell us it's time for "remedial self care"
  • Simple - but powerful - practices to recharge your batteries
  • Why rest - and restoration - is hard for those of us who have soul-led work to do in the world

(Apologies for the audio quality of this podcast, I recorded this one on the fly on my iPhone!)