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A Special Note to Loving Dog Parents
14th May 2020 • Life After My Dog • Jennifer Norris-Nielsen
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Have you experienced a loss in your life that is hitting you harder than you expected? Do familiar places and old faces bring back painful memories of the space left in your life now that your dog is not longer with you?

Have you heard others tell you to get over being sad or mad or lonely because “it’s just a dog”? Do you feel misunderstood and frustrated by people who just don’t understand the depth of your love and connection?

Do you appreciate that while you will never forget your friend, you need to move on and live your life more fully… but don’t know how?

You are not alone. People who are deeply affected by the death of their loyal companion are special individuals. True dog parents have been touched by a deep bond of love and caring, and a connection does not end even when your dog is no longer with you.

This audio has been created so that you can hear words of understanding and support. To confirm that you are NOT alone and that you can take a few minutes to support yourself. This is the first step through the process of grief. There may be many more, but the journey never starts until you take this important step.

Listen to this as often as you need, and if you're ready to take the next step, you can find the 'manual' at or audios to guide you along the path at