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Ron Morehead
Episode 1713th April 2022 • Into The Deep with J. Costa • J. Costa & George Richter
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J talks with world-renowned Bigfoot/Sasquatch researcher, adventurer, and best selling author, Ron Morehead. • They talk everything from his encounter experiences with Bigfoot/Sasquatch from that fateful day in the early 1970's when he captured what are known today as the 'Sierra Sounds' - the only Bigfoot recordings that have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as genuine, to the connection of Bigfoot and quantum physics, and a ton more! Ron has made numerous appearances on television, radio and at live events, most recently as an expert on the Discovery+ series, 'Alaskan Killer Bigfoot', on Travel Channel's, 'Expedition Bigfoot', as well as the History Channel's, 'The Proof Is Out There', a myriad of documentaries and more. You can find Ron at and on IG at • Take a moment and peruse his books • And be sure to find us: