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Transitioning to Adulthood with Renowned Advocates, Rachel and Jawanda Mast
Episode 5621st September 2021 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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If there was a foreign language in special education, it would be Transition to Adulthood.  When IEPs start to consider a child’s transition to adulthood, things over get willy nilly.  I think it’s mainly because parents – while often quite innocent about special education already – are REALLY intimidated by All Things Transition.  That’s why I invited advocacy rockstars,  Jawanda and Rachel Mast back on the podcast to talk about Transition to Adulthood.  Rachel is an adult that has Down syndrome that has been to college, worked several jobs, and has a vibrant social life!  I can’t wait for you to learn from these amazing role models!!!