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Dungeons & DMT with ColeTheScienceDude
Episode 8420th May 2021 • Game Jawns • Lantern Light Studios, LLC
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Episode 84:

Join the Game Jawns Crew with returning special guest, Cole Kraten (aka ColeTheScienceDude) where we talk about Dungeons & Dragons, DMT, and some other mixed realities!!



Reilly Zink: @TrippingOver2Ft

Anthony Zoccola: @AnthonyZoccola

Braden Spiriti: @BradenSpiriti



Cole Kraten: @cole_kraten

TikTok: @colethesciencedude

YouTube: @ColeTheScienceDude


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The Game Jawns Crew:

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[Assistant Producer] Eli Williams: @its_eliwilliams

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[Liaison] Robert Gangwer: @EctoScreen