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Passive Income Made Daily With Crypto (and it's NOT Day Trading)
Episode 12826th October 2022 • Freedom Entrepreneur Podcast • Lindsay Sutherland
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Learn more about Josh's crypto flywheel here --->>

Josh Rhodes, founder of Crypto Y'all joins us for a scintillating conversation about how to get paid daily with crypto. Our conversation begins with the state of the world's economic environment including the unstableness of our fiat currency. Then we talk about Josh's legendary crypto flywheel which he uses to demonstrate how you can benefit from crypto in three specific ways...

  1. Buy and hold (appreciation)
  2. Crypto farming (Which he goes into much more detail on later in the episode.)
  3. Leverage (Yes, you can leverage your crypto assets to invest in other asset classes)

Josh does a phenomenal job of breaking down the crypto content in an easily digestible way. For people who are wanting to understand the topic even more deeply, his cohort, Crypto Y'all is a fantastic place to educate yourself about crypto.

My husband and I joined the Crypto Y'all cohort and have learned SO much in just a few weeks since this episode was recorded. I admit in the episode my very limited understanding of crypto before meeting Josh. After meeting him and experiencing his ongoing trainings, I feel I'm quickly coming to have a better grasp and feel confident investing. I've even got my own daily crypto passive income stream working for me!

I encourage you to reach consider joining the Crypto Y'all program if you are serious about learning more about this asset class and really putting it to work for you.

Click here to find out more

Crypto farming and crypto mining are not the same thing. Crypto mining is essentially the actual mining of block chain which requires massively powerful computers and a lot of techy set-ups. Crypto Farming, on the other hand, does not require this cumbersome set up. Think of crypto farming like investing in a mining operation without having to do any of the mining... like owning a gold mine, not being the miner.

When an investor offers a crypto fund liquidity by investing in the operation, they are rewarded by daily payouts. Those daily payouts can be harvested, or cashed out, OR can be reinvested back into the project to create compounded returns. Leveraging the rule of 72, one could invest $5000 and let the proceeds continue building on themselves and essentially double their money every year. However, some farms perform even more strongly than the Rule of 72 and some investors are netting a more than 100% return on their money.

The world of defi is an interesting one that can also seem scary. I've been really grateful to have Josh guiding us, helping us learn where to get accurate information, and he has held our hand as we have begun our crypto investing journey.

I can't say enough positive things about the Crypto Y'all cohort. It's definitely worth checking out.

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