Innovation as a Process with Angel Mendez
Episode 9714th December 2023 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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It is essential for companies to approach transformation from many directions, and leadership that embraces that multiplicity will innovate through process. Experienced technology executive Angel Mendez knows these methods intimately from years of working alongside visionary founders and forward-thinking teams. His business and technology journey includes a decade at Cisco Systems steering the acquisition of nearly 50 companies.

In this episode, Angel, who is now Executive Chairman of the Board at LevaData, shares critical lessons from his impressive career in developing a multiprong approach to transformation. He discusses collaboration and partnerships across companies, leveraging ecosystems, and empowering all employees to be innovators. Angel dives into his experience learning the world of startups, the hard lesson of learning to move on from an idea, and witnessing the iPhone’s launch from his role at Palm.

  • (02:34) – Introducing Angel Mendez
  • (05:12) – Arriving in Silicon Valley
  • (08:10) – The acquisition process
  • (20:54) – Problems and Solutions
  • (29:30) – Leveraging ecosystems and partnerships
  • (35:07) – Characteristics of founders
  • (40:30) – AI

Angel Mendez has held executive leadership positions at some of the world’s most notable technology companies, including HERE Technologies, Cisco Systems, AlliedSignal, Citigroup, Gateway, Palm, and GE. Currently, he serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board at LevaData and independent director of Peloton Interactive, SleepNumber, and Kinaxis, in addition to being a committed civic and higher education leader. Angel earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Lafayette College and an MBA from the Crummer School at Rollins College.

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