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153 _ Building On The Bad with Mike and Michelle Ranger of Ranger Home North West
Episode 15312th February 2024 • Building a Furniture Brand with Ethan Abramson • Ethan Abramson
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This special episode is with Mike and Michelle Ranger, owners of Ranger Home North West.

If you want to hear the full story behind how Ranger Home North West got started, check out the show archives - episode 152

Navigating lumber yards, and buying wood in general, isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do. No matter how many years you have done it, there are always some idiosyncrasies with each purchase that changes the final outcome you were thinking it would be.

But, it gets even harder when you know something is wrong with your material, and the supplier just won’t believe you.

Mike and Michelle had this exact problem, when their largest order of white oak turned out to be - not exactly what they planned. This mistake from their supplier almost sunk their company, so what did they do?

The story, of what Mike and Michelle did next, is what we cover in this episode.

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