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Crocodile Twins by Tori Grace Nichols (new scripted audio fiction)
9th May 2022 • Artist Soapbox * Audio fiction + Creative Process • Tamara Kissane
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Listen to the first of three excerpts developed by the Food for Thought Project, a year-long writing lab for aspiring audio dramatists.

Crocodile Twins was written by Tori Grace Nichols.


LaLa is a rambunctious adoptee from the Philippines living overseas on an American military base. Rey is quiet and obedient, and likes to help at his family's Filipino food restaurant, Miraflor Bistro. They meet one summer in Virginia Beach and become close friends. LaLa struggles with feeling like she doesn't belong anywhere, and Rey, inspired by mythological tales from the Philippines told by his Lola, dreams of bringing his vibrant inner world to life. As they grow older, friendship, food, and perhaps a spirit guide or two help them figure out who they are and how to stay connected.


Tori Grace Nichols (they/them/theirs) describes themself as a prismatic performance artist. They can be seen performing drag as G-Clef with the House of Coxx and causing good trouble around Durham, NC as a cultural organizer and stand up comedian. Most folks call them Grace out of drag. 

Recent writing credits include sketch comedy with Kahoots Comedy and two audio dramas, Stretchy Shorts and Crocodile Twins, for the podcast platform Artist Soapbox. 

Through the Center for Documentary Summer Studies Intensive, they co-created a short documentary called Call Me Harriet Tubman about their friend Muffin, who founded the North Carolina Community Bail Fund of Durham. 

Recent acting credits include Dreaming (assistant puppeteer) with Duke Performances and Freakshow (Mr. Flip) with The Women's Theatre Festival. They also host and produce a podcast called Go With Grace in which they discuss the impact of white Christian supremacy on our daily lives for the organization Soulforce.

Tori Grace began their cultural organizing work as the Arts and Culture Fellow for Southerners on New Ground, a Southern queer liberation organization. They are adopted from the Philippines and identify as queer, genderqueer, trans, and disabled.


Food for Thought is an Artist Soapbox and Soapbox Audio Collective project, co-produced by Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane, and sound designed by Sam Elia. 

These excerpts and the year long writing lab were made possible by the generous support of the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation. 

Crocodile Twins was written and directed by Tori Grace Nichols.

Production Manager: Griffin James


LaLa - Giara di Costanzi 

Rey Rey - Jaelon Thorp 

Lola - Imee Dalton 

Hiya - Rochelle Mendoza 

Sal - Lukayo Estrella 

Betty - Juliana Finch 

Link to Script


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