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Almost 30 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 363, 29th September 2020
Ep. 363 - Gabby Bernstein: You Are The Guru
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Ep. 363 - Gabby Bernstein: You Are The Guru


Gabby Bernstein certainly needs no introduction. She has this ability to be so present in her own life and share what’s happening in real-time while translating that into her new message and teaching, all with a no-BS attitude that you just have to love, and we are here for it. No matter what is going on around her or in the world, she’s found a way to anchor into her own truth and intuition, and she’s sharing how we all can do the same. As we see gurus fall from the pedestals we’ve put them on, it falls upon us to figure out what messages work and what messages don’t for ourselves. We dive into her new audiobook, “You Are The Guru,” how her relationship with eating has evolved, and the difference between surrendering and finding creative solutions. She also shares how compassion creates connection and why that is so important to foster during this time.


We also talk about:

  • How she’s feeling after postpartum depression
  • The choices we face during times of crisis
  • How to work through your excuses + find creative opportunities
  • Putting on the lens of love everyday
  • Why we can’t rely on gurus
  • How to separate yourself from your work and allow your message to live
  • How being a parent changes your intuition
  • Why “Judgement Detox” is so timely right now
  • Advice for starting a consciousness business and writing a book


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