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The Straight Scoop on What You Need to Know with Raleigh Wilkins
27th August 2021 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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In some cases, the process of transitioning out of the military can be harder for those people who benefitted most from the structure it provides. Once service members adapt to the nuanced system of rank that plays out in every decision-making process, changing their way of thought back to something less structured – as is seen in a corporate setting – can seem like being adrift.

Raleigh Wilkins has spent his 20-year career overcoming adversity and personal challenges. A self-described “incorrigible” teen, he was in the foster care system by age 15. His final foster stay was with Marine Corps Major Michael Johnson, a no-nonsense guy who served in Vietnam. Once in the Marines, Raleigh served in Japan as well as stateside.

After transitioning out of the Marines, it took Raleigh a few years to find his place in civilian/corporate America. As he explains it, he was an “accidental” sales guy. Fortunately for him, he was able to apply his planning and analytical skills to sales – the world’s last meritocracy. Now he runs his own business and gives back as a mentor, a trusted advisor and coach.

In this episode of Veteran Voices, co-hosted by Dan Reeve, US Director of Sales and Business Development for Esker, and Scott Luton, Raleigh gives the ‘straight scoop’ about:

• How the military teaches people to succeed by serving as ‘the great equalizer’

• Why time spent in military leadership doesn’t automatically qualify someone to serve in a leadership position in another field

• How he works with Veterans to help them transition their military strengths (allocating revenue) into corporate strengths (generating revenue) so they can become top performing salespeople

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