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Exiting Brainchild Studios with Kiley Peters
Episode 352nd November 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“You don't have to scale, grow, and build in revenue and headcount to be successful. You can be small and mighty and fulfilled. And it is not selfish to want to build your business and live your life in a way that feels good and fulfilling to you,” shares host Kiley Peters, small business strategist, executive coach, and operations consultant. Today, Kiley talks about her decision to close Brainchild Studios and go all-in on RAYNEIX. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent Great Resignation, the past few years have been an even more difficult time than usual to be a small business owner. While facing staffing shortages and reduced revenue, Kiley came to realize that she was spending too much time on areas of the business that she did not want to be doing, and that the business was no longer aligned with her values as well as it could be. She attempted to scale the business as entrepreneurs are encouraged to do, but found that was not the business model she preferred to work in. So, ultimately, she has decided to close the doors on Brainchild at the end of 2022. This decision has allowed her to put her all into her new endeavor, RAYNEIX, and bring her fantastic team along with her. At first, having to make the decision to close the business made Kiley feel like she was letting people down or failing in some way. But ultimately, success is personal and doesn’t look the same for everyone. Now, Kiley is working to redefine success for herself and to pursue the version that feels aligned with her personal values and goals. And she encourages other small business owners to do the same. 

If you are a small business owner and you do not want to have to scale your business, that’s okay! You can pursue your own definition of success and stay true to what feels right for you. Don’t let anyone tell you how your business should look to be successful, because success is personal and looks different for everyone. 


  • “I realized that if I were to sell it, I'd have to sell my team, and I believe that my team is the very best thing that has happened with Brainchild. So instead of selling it, we took a different approach. And at the very beginning of the year, I talked to my employees and I let them know that I think they're the best thing that's come out of Brainchild, and I wanted to go all in on RAYNEIX, and I'd like them to come with me should they have me. And luckily for me, they said, yes, we're all in.” (7:55-8:28 | Kiley)
  • “By the end of March in 2022, we had signed all of the revenue we needed to meet the goals we had set for ourselves for the whole year, which was wild, and the first time that's ever happened. So then a lot of people are like, Well, wait a second. Things are going so well. Why would you change? Fair question, but I had to keep coming back to the fact that this wasn't what I wanted.” (9:07-9:31 | Kiley)
  • “We'll be servicing women small business owners in a way that we really weren't able to before and that's really who we want to make an impact on.” (12:06-12:14 | Kiley)
  • “We need to be clear on the fact that that definition of success is our own personal definition and nobody's definition is right, wrong, better, or worse than anyone else’s.” (15:10-15:20 | Kiley) 
  • “You don't have to scale and grow and build in revenue and headcount to be successful. You can be small, mighty, and fulfilled. It is not selfish to want to build your business and live your life in a way that feels good and fulfilling to you.” (19:27-19:45 | Kiley)


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