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(2) Cutting Anesthesia in Half? Yikes!
Episode 217th October 2021 • Eldercare Success • Nancy May, CareManity, LLC
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When you, your spouse, parent, or child were facing some form of surgery or procedure, were you worried that the anesthesia given would do more harm than good? Listen to my guest, Alexandra (Sasha) Chalif, who has brought her unusual hypnotherapy skills right into the operating room.  Working alongside surgeons, she’s successfully used her skills to dramatically reduce the need for anesthesia, and/or sped up post-op recoveries, for over 9,000 patients to date.

Show Host: Nancy May, Author How to Survive 911 Medical Emergencies, Step-by-Step Before, During, After!  Expert in managing the path of step-by-step caring for an aging parent or family member, even from over 1200 miles away, or more. For a Free File-of-Life to to

Guest:  Alexandra (Sasha) Chalif MS. MP, Innovator in Medical Hypnotherapy. Alexandra (Sasha) Chalif, MS. MP

Ms. Chalif is trained and practices professionally in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and holds certifications in, hypnosis and Medical Hypnosis. She is a member of the Harvard Medical School Post Graduate Association, Harvard Medical CME in Stress Management, and Harvard Medical CME in Visualization and Meditation.  Alexandra is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and holds an MS in Special Education and Emotionally Disturbed with additional credits in Language Disabilities, Group Therapy, Advanced Sex Therapy, and Improvisational Drama as a tool for emotional change. Her articles have been published in: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Psychotherapy Networker, Harvard Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Health, and other noted medical and scholarly journals.

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