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DEA’s Telehealth Proposed Rules: Expanding Access & Preventing Medication Misuse, or Not?
Episode 1011th September 2023 • Complications: Health Policy Unraveled • McGuireWoods Consulting
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“The initial reaction to the rules is that they are much more restrictive than necessary and impose concerning limitations and burdens on clinicians and the patients they treat.”

In episode 10 of Complications: Health Policy Unraveled, host Stephanie Kennan discusses the Drug Enforcement Agency’s telehealth proposed rules which could impact how patients gain access to certain medications. The DEA received 38,000 comments on the proposed changes, a record amount of feedback.  

It is likely that when finalized, the rule will contain many of the elements of the proposed rule, which will add complexity for patients and providers. The rule is expected in late fall. 

Meet Your Host

Name: Stephanie Kennan 

Title: Senior Vice President, Federal Public Affairs at McGuireWoods Consulting

Specialty: Stephanie Kennan helps clients navigate the legislative and executive branches of the federal government to solve problems involving a variety of healthcare policy issues. Her work focuses on providers, medical device manufacturers, drug manufacturers and associations concerned about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Connect: LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

[00:31] DEA’s proposed telehealth rules.

[01:19] DEA received a record number of comments on the proposed rules.

[01:47] DEA proposed creating two new limited options for the telemedicine prescribing of controlled substances without a prior in-person exam.

[02:48] Feedback from supporters and opponents of the proposed rules. 

[03:39] Special allowance and exemptions. 

[05:12] Overview of the Ryan Haight Act.

[08:27] Many public comments focus on the importance of telehealth-based Buprenorphine treatments in rural areas.


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