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Be Present and Slow Down Time | An Okayest Reflection with Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love | Episode #024
Episode 2420th December 2023 • The World's Okayest Entrepreneur • Andrew Vomhof and Larissa Loden
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Welcome to the "World's Okayest Entrepreneur," the podcast for the okay entrepreneur who doesn't have an MBA and is just figuring it out as they go.

In this episode Andrew does an Okayest Reflection on a clip from Episode 11 with Lindsey Bomgren. This time of year after we've been grinding away towards the holiday with work and family, we often have a hard time turning off the adrenaline and momentum, and instead turn to social media or email to keep the work party going. But what is the trade off?

In this clip Lindsey talks about how, even though social media and hard work is important to her business, it at times had gotten in the way from being present with her family, and how she's had to navigate the trade offs of both hard work and focusing on family.

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