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Dzogchen and the "relief" of emotions on a daily basis (5) - Depression
Episode 57th June 2023 • Dzogchen in everyday life • Dzogchen Today! Team
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In this fifth episode of the “Dzogchen in Everyday Life” series, we will continue to explore the relief of emotions with a specific focus on the group of emotions related to low mood, gloom, loss of meaning and depression. Mila Khyentse and Paul Baffier will share their experiences and knowledge on this topic which is increasingly widespreading nowadays, especially among young adults.

Host: Marie-Laure.

Few of us are familiar with our own disturbing emotions. Most of the time, we endure them and we do not know how to have an impact on them. This is simply because we don’t know them well. The Great Perfection shows us how, through comprehensive examples, we can get to know our own emotions and how they work, and finally appease them.

In this episode, Mila Khyentse and Paul Baffier talk about gloom, loss of meaning and depression, emotions that drive sometimes a sense of "inner death" with no exit. This podcast will present the origin of this family of emotions according to the Great Perfection, their impact on our lives and how a sense of aliveness can be restored, step by step.


Dzogchen is a very direct tradition, which can be practiced in many different ways in our daily life and which focuses on the liberation from suffering and the implementation of the means to achieve it. In this episode we will see with more clarity what are the causes of depression according to Dzgochen and how through regular short practices we can restore purpose, sense of meaning, and aliveness.

Recap & Takeaways

“Dzogchen in Everyday Life” series – 5th Episode: Dzogchen and the “relief” of emotions on a daily basis:  depression.

  1. Experiencing depression: a testimonial of Paul Baffier (2’18’’).
  2. Ignorance and anger: the root-causes of depression according to the Great Perfection (10’50’’).
  3. Focusing the mind on thoughts and emotions : the proposition of Dzogchen (17’).
  4. Getting out of the dark whole and bringing aliveness through luminosity: short practice shared by Mila Khyentse Rinpoche (19’).