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163: Revive Your Business
Episode 16314th November 2023 • Burnout To All Out Podcast • Melissa Henault
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In this reboot mini-episode of "Burnout to All Out," Melissa gives us the lowdown on how to revive the pulse of our businesses when we're feeling burnt out.


She brings out the CPR (Create, Play, and Restore) method to inject some life back into our work and personal lives. Melissa reminds us to make time for creativity, whether it's art, cooking, or even coloring with our kids. She also emphasizes the importance of play, like going for a hike or having a tickle party with our little ones. Last but not least, Melissa tells us to restore ourselves by taking care of our bodies and minds with activities like massages, meditation, or reading a juicy book.


So, my friends, don't forget to give yourself some CPR. Revive the zeal and passion in your business and enjoy the ride!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Work-life balance
  • Restore
  • Burnout
  • Burnout prevention
  • Stress management
  • Recovery
  • Meditation
  • Online business owner


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What listeners have to say:

“Her energy is always refreshing. I love being able to apply her strategies to whatever my project is at the moment.”

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Alright, guys. Back at you with a little mini episode today. A quick episode on really when you've lost the zeal for your business. You know? Okay. The thing is it could be a number of things. It it could be a number of reasons you've lost the zeal for your business. You may truly have just totally run the course of whatever you're offering, and you've outgrown it. Right? Sometimes that happens.


Maybe you've outgrown the audience or you've outgrown what you're serving, and you're ready to move up and level up. And I get that, but many times, that's not actually the case. Many times we lose zeal and lose kind of the pulse of our business, actually, because we're just working it too hard and not making space to enjoy life and restore. Have you ever caught yourself just grinding so hard, you've got your calendar booked all day, and you do that enough days, weeks, and months out of the year. And my friends, you start to experience burnout. Even if you love what you do, you're not giving yourself any space to actually live and be the human you were destined to be. So I'm gonna give you 3 quick tips on how to literally and figuratively apply CPR to your business and your life and revive the pulse, revive the zeal. Because many times, it's a matter of doing a little CPR and you're back in the game.


So let's talk CPR. What is see? The first step is create. Right? When was the last time you created anything outside of your business? Just for fun. Okay? Maybe it's a lost skill or art. Maybe you used to sing. Maybe you used to dance. Maybe you used to be into art. Maybe you used to paint.


Maybe it's maybe it's pottery. Right? It could be anything that's creative. Maybe it's cooking a creative dish or spending time peddling around in the garden. Guys, this is creativity. And we have to make space in our lives to be human and live a little bit in a creative mode because it fuels our soul and fills our cup up so that we have the energy and the engagement in business. Okay? So I wanna ask you, you know, how long has it been since you did some one of these things just for fun, to create. The next time your little kids start coloring, pick up a pencil, pick up a crayon, color with them, right? Tap into the creative. All right.


Number 2 is to is the P in CPR. That is play. I will tell you my mindset coach last year told me, Preston smiles, he he picked up a skateboard or surfed every day for 300 and 55 days and it was the largest revenue year to date. And his wife will look at him like he had 4 eyeballs when he would head out of the house with his skateboard at lunchtime or his surfboard, right, in the middle of a workday. But the reality is creating that time to play fills your soul up. We were made to enjoy this planet. We weren't made just to grind, just to grind out and be productive. Yes.


We need money to live, and many of us like money for lifestyle. It's an energetic exchange, but not at the sacrifice of not making space to enjoy it. So what do you do to play right now? Maybe it's hiking. When was the last time you went on a hike? For me, it's even just playing tickle party or hide and go seek with my kids. Your kids are a great igniter, initiator of play. Right? So instead of saying, I've gotta do the dishes or I've gotta do the laundry, you guys go have fun, drop the dishes, drop the laundry, go play hide and go seek. We'll turn off all the lights in the house and run around at night and play hide and go seek, and it's exhilarating, and it's fun. Right? Maybe it's prioritizing dinner with your girlfriends.


Right? For me, that's really important, that connectedness and play with them. Okay. Now we're on to r. The r is restore. Are you restoring? See, you have to treat business like an athlete treats sports. Right? You have to recover. Right, you have to recover and restore. Are you making space? Maybe it's a monthly massage.


For me, I get a massage, a deep tissue, and adjustment every week, on Wednesdays, on hump day to celebrate being halfway through the week. What do you do to restore? Maybe it's making some quiet space to nestle into a really good juicy book. Maybe it's meditation. Maybe it's a cold plunge. Right? But the bottom line is, my friends, when you go, go, go, go, go, and you're pursuing your dreams so hard and fast, sometimes we can forget why we're doing it all. And so you have to give yourself a taste of the life, if not just a taste, but an entire five course experience of CPR along the way every week. Every week, even if you just spend, you know, 10 minutes in each category, 10 minutes of piddling in the garden, 10 minutes of playing hide and seek with your kids, right? 10 minutes of meditation to yourself. Guys, that's 30 minutes in your day.


The ROI on picking back up the pulse in your business and re and really picking back up that zeal and excitement and passion, you're gonna be restored. You're going to show up better for your clients, for your family, for your employees. Right? So I wanna hear after this episode, come find me on social, DM me, drop it in our burnout to all out Facebook community, share with us what are you doing to apply the CPR method to your life. I know that our mastermind group is getting together live here at my house next month, and I'm bringing in my own mindset coach. And we're gonna spend some time in the restore space at the beginning of the meeting. It's that important to me. So with that, I hope you guys enjoyed this episode, and we'll see you again.




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