52: What are Chatbots & Why You Should Care with Chad Oda (Part 1)
5th March 2019 • Create Your Own Salary (previously Business Breakthrough) • Estie Starr
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In this episode, we enter the cutting-edge world of chatbots. Chad Oda, an expert in chatbots explains how to set up chatbots to engage with your customers so that you don’t have to. From how much they cost, to the different types and the platforms that you can use them on, Chad covers everything you need to know.

He also shares his relatable struggle of how to navigate unchartered waters in this groundbreaking industry, and how to create a framework to assess which opportunities to go after when you have so many potentially amazing offers.




My Guest: Chad Oda

Chad Oda is an expert in chatbots and how brands can pragmatically leverage this paradigm-shifting technology to engage customers with innovative, intuitive, and personalized experiences. He has extensive insight & expertise into the design, development, and implementation of these immersive conversational interfaces. From conversational copywriting to natural language processing, and multi-modality, Chad has his pulse on the ever-evolving conversational ecosystem.

Chad has collaborated with the top technology companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, LivePerson, and Google. He also speaks internationally at the leading conversational conferences, Chatbot Summit & Business of Bots.

Currently, Chad is managing his chatbot company, Chat Mode, that provides chatbot solutions for enterprise e-commerce companies. Furthermore, he hosts “The Bot Podcast” where he interviews startup and enterprise innovators in the chatbot & voice space. Chad also manages the 700+ member Chatbot & Voice meet-up in Seattle.


Pivotal Moments:

Became interested in chatbots in 2016 when Facebook opened their messenger API.
At the time, was running a hammer and nail software development agency.
Came across a client who looked like he would benefit from using chatbots and pitched the idea to him.
The client accepted the offer, throwing Chad into a steep learning curve so that he could actually deliver on his offer.
During the learning process, he needed help and advice about chatbot best practices, but didn’t find any established networks or communities to turn to.
Hosted a weekly meet-up where anyone who was interested could come and discuss chatbots, initially attracting 50 people, but growing over the years to a current 700 attendees.
Chad is currently managing his chatbot company, Chat Mode, hosting his podcast, The Bot Podcast and also hosts his Chatbot & Voice meet-up in Seattle.


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Part 2 of this episode, where you can learn everything you need to know about chatbots, plus Chad’s struggle and breakthrough, will be live this Thursday 7th March at estierand.com/52-2

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