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64. Should You Join A Mastermind?
Episode 6418th April 2022 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Have you ever been part of a mastermind? Over the past few years the term "coaching" has really taken off in the business world. The idea of gathering with like minded entrepreneurs to learn and be coached along is genius! What is a mastermind? Typically it is a group of 4-12 people who have a mastermind coach. The "coach" facilitates this ongoing discussion with a group coaching style. So, length of time and format can differ producing variations of masterminds. So, if you've been on the fence or questioned, "should you join a mastermind?" by the end of this you will have your answer!

First, here's a brand new FREE class just for you called Keys to Effective Posing! We've heard such good feedback from those that have taken it already. If you missed the chance to take it, click HERE and dive in. Posing is such an important part of what we as photographers do and I really wanted to hone in on this topic and give you something to grow in.

Know the Basics Beforehand

For a photography mastermind you should already know the basics. You should have these 3 things down: Know how to shoot, Have a website, Get bookings from paying clients. If you don't that's ok! I recommend taking a course vs. a mastermind at that point because there are lots of details to learn. It would be a better investment to take a course to learn those basics so you can go at your own pace and get it within yourself! Masterminds are typically for those that are ready to "level-up" and it's just so much easier when you have a foundation established.

Go in with Goals

It's difficult for a coach to get you where you want to go without an end goal in mind! I have a mastermind and I like to ask those attending, "where do you want to see yourself in the next year?". As a coach I know how to take you from point A to point B. I can give you steps to take and tools to help make your goals happen, but I can't give you the goal. If I did you may not be committed to it because the idea wasn't cultivated in your heart. So, you may not have the drive to get there for the simple fact that it's not your goal or vision. Should you join a mastermind? Yes, if you have a goal or vision for where you want to be in a year from now!

You're Aware of Your Struggles

A huge part of masterminds is the one on one access you get to the coach. For instance, in my mastermind you have access to me through Voxer and Slack. Voxer is basically voice messaging so you can ask questions, get info, etc. A course format only allows the educator to talk. In a mastermind you can ask specific questions and get direction/answers which really play a role in the whole group. The questions often navigate the direction of the group. I say all this to address: if you're unaware of where you struggle you most likely won't know what questions to ask! For my mastermind, you fill out an application and one of the questions pertains to where you struggle. Don't stress! This is a good thing. Identifying the struggle will help eliminate it!

You Like Personalized Coaching + Accountability

We briefly touched on this, but masterminds are meant to be "intimate". The purpose is to be personal and in your business. But, don't let that scare you - you need someone's eyes on what you're doing. Especially someone you want to glean from. They can see things in a perspective that you may not see. They will hold you accountable which makes you grow. This happens in my mastermind all the time - other people in the group keep you on track and hype you up! I've had students share how the courses they took were great, but the mastermind involved them verbally sharing goals. And when you let others in on your vision there's a level of accountability to actually make it happen!

Should You Join a Mastermind?

YES! I love the community it builds and the reality of reaching goals. Not only have I been in masterminds, but I've hosted them as well. I can tell you it's so worth the investment. You learn in an environment that's so personalized you can't help but achieve goals. If you've never been part of one, but you're thinking "wow, this is what I need to reach my next level" go for it! My mastermind is designed to give personalized coaching, accountability, and a tight knit community! If that sounds like something you desire join my waitlist - applications open next week! Applications will be sent first to my waitlist and the spots are limited. I really comb through and make sure it's a good fit for those applying. Apply HERE and watch this next year be one of growth!

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You're Aware of Your Struggles (11:43)

You Like Personalized Coaching + Accountability (12:58)

Should You Join a Mastermind? (16:28)





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