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Why I gave up conventional architecture and boldly created my own Spirit-led biz
Episode 114th February 2022 • New Earth Architectress™ • Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan
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Are you a high-achieving, heart-centred woman architect or designer? Are you hearing the call to step into a new way of creating architecture? A way that's in tune with your soul's mission and your divine calling?

Here is your place, and this is your time.

Join me for the inaugural episode of the New Earth Architectress™, where I share my own journey from conventional architecture to a new Spirit-led way of designing buildings and gardens.

Key nuggets:

2:16 It’s the early beginnings of a movement

2:56 Without all the grind, struggle, pain and martyrdom

4:28 Many agonizing nights

8:02 Give birth to the optimal project for your client

9:31 I was still holding on

12:22 Ready to change things on this planet

14:19 I broke free

19:47 My spiritual gifts skyrocketed 

23:10 Running 2 shows

26:48 I was about to totally give up architecture

28:50 Leading a business that lights me up

30:08 The joy of it, the ease of it, the future spunk of it! 

33:17 What are we ignoring?

33:49 Sit with these 3 words

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