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228. BBS: This Is Where You Should Be Spending Your Time
Episode 2281st July 2022 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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It's a battle every entrepreneur wages: busy vs. productive, efficient vs. effective. We all fall into the easy trap – going days and weeks thinking you’re crushing to-do lists and making progress, only to realize it’s been busy work all along.

Sometimes there’s so much to be done, it can be overwhelming trying to prioritize your time and energy. Natalie is your host for this edition of bossbabe business school, where she reveals the ONLY two things you should be spending your time on. 

Take out today’s checklist and be honest with yourself, how much of it absolutely NEEDS to happen today? And how much of it is only there to keep you comfortable and distracted?


  • The ONLY two things to focus on if you want your business to grow.
  • How to decide what to sell + how to sell it.
  • Why you can (and should) take a red pen to 80% of your to-do list.


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