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7 Mile Expands Healthcare Practice & U.S. Footprint
Episode 916th July 2019 • Deal Talk with 7MA • 7 Mile Advisors
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In this episode of Deal Talk with 7MA, 7 Mile Director Neil Churman sits down with Ben Garber, the newest member of the 7 Mile team who will be expanding the firm’s healthcare practice.

Ben opens the episode by discussing how his prior experience in the healthcare sector lines up with 7 Mile’s IT practice. (5:47) Ben and Neil then examine recent developments and trends in the healthcare market. (7:58) With this episode of the podcast originating from 7 Mile’s new office in Pittsburgh, Ben and Neil have an extended discussion about their connection to the city and the strong, entrepreneurial business climate. (12:05) Ben goes on to express his gratitude for the warm reception 7 Mile has received in the Pittsburgh market. (20:10) Ben then wraps up the episode by revealing a bit of his strategic plan for scaling 7 Mile’s healthcare practice (22:19)


Ben on the opportunities created by increases in outpatient healthcare facilities:

“As the hospital becomes disintegrated and pushed out into a variety of outpatient facilities, that creates a greater fragmentation in the provider landscape, as well as the opportunity for roll-up platforms in each one of those sectors.” 10:05

Ben on how 7 Mile’s decision to put down roots in Pittsburg has been received by the local investor community:

“Yes, we would be thrilled to have a national, professional top caliber investment bank here locally, that we could work with. So, we didn't always have to get on the plane to New York, Chicago, or San Francisco, please." 20:37

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