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Travel to Strengthen Your Relationship
Episode 33rd October 2022 • Navigating Love and Immigration™ • Megan Pastrana
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Megan talks all about the beauty of traveling with your partner in today’s episode. It’s not a secret that couples who travel together stay together, but why exactly is traveling so healthy for relationships? Megan shares her thoughts about that and addresses the importance of breaking up the monotony of the day-to-day routine, especially for couples. Traveling is a great way to shake things up and enjoy new experiences together. She also shares some of the lessons learned during her and her husband’s trips together - one of the key insights being just how much traveling helps couples grow close together by navigating unexpected difficulties. 

Next, Megan recounts a few other exciting stories from her and her husband’s trips together. From getting out of their element to dealing with conflict, they’ve been able to strengthen their relationship through travel every single time. She then goes on to discuss the importance of getting out of your comfort zone from time to time, noting that traveling is by far the best way to accomplish that since you get to know each other better and connect with your partner on a deeper level. Megan concludes the episode by emphasizing that traveling with your significant other is a surefire way to strengthen, nurture, and grow your relationship while still having an amazing time together - sage advice from our knowledgeable and experienced host.

Episode Highlights:

  • The beauty of traveling as a couple
  • Growing closer together by navigating unexpected difficulties
  • Strengthening a relationship through travel
  • The importance of occasionally getting out of your element
  • Learning to deal with conflict and frustration
  • Getting to know each other better


“Traveling is such a beautiful thing; it takes you out of your element, and you get to experience new things.”

“It's really easy for human beings, for us to get into a groove, into a routine of a day to day, and traveling really shakes that up.”

“That's one of those things in life where you just decide how you want to show up, and you navigate it together. And that's really what my husband and I have found that, throughout our travels, we really grew closer and strengthened our relationship by navigating those unexpected difficulties that come up in travel. ”

“It was a type of conflict where we were seeing and doing things differently and reacting with frustration. Once we had a conversation about it and then moved through that, it felt amazing. And we had an even better and even greater level of communication from that.”

“I know for all of the couples that we have helped navigate the immigration process, I've heard from all of them about the crazy things that have happened when they were traveling. Bags being lost, or flights being delayed, and having to entertain yourself at the airport for hours and using that as an opportunity to connect and get to get to know each other better. ”


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