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Return Serb
Episode 1714th January 2022 • Six O'Clock Swill • Nick Cater
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Is it ok to tell fibs to an immigration official? As Novak Djokovic awaits being thrown out of Australia, the Six O'Clock Swill team discuss try to make sense of the decision.

Anyone for President? Republic-obsessed Peter Fitzsimmons runs a dumb idea up the flagpole and nobody salutes.

And we’re be by the human jukebox Alan Howe to discuss the 50th anniversary of Joe Cocker’s deportation and other celebrity immigration stuff-ups.

The Six O’Clock Swill isa wowser free zone for the articulation of ideas that others are too frightened to even think, for fear of being hauled in ty the thought police or banned from posting pictures of last night’s dinner on Facebook.

Hosted by Nick Cater with Tim Blair and Fred Pawle.