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Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Chapter 8 Discussion: Enjoying Solitude and Other People | Flow Book Club
31st December 2021 • Travel Whys • K. Joia Houheneka at Delve Travel
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Our group discussion on Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This is done in collaboration with the meetup group 52 Living Ideas.

Chapter 8: Enjoying Solitude and Other People

“We are biologically programmed to find other human beings the most important objects in the world…On the other hand, we also value privacy and wish to be left alone”

In this chapter, we’re exploring relationships and flow as well as solitude and flow. Interestingly, relationships and solitude can each lead to extreme misery, or they can be sources of extreme fulfillment and happiness, especially when they are engaging flow experiences. As MC points out, “People are the most flexible, the most changeable aspect of the environment we have to deal with,” so there’s a lot of value to learning how to manage both relationships and solitude well

Topics: “The Conflict Between Being Alone and Being with Others” “The Pain of Loneliness” “Taming Solitude” “Flow and the Family” “Enjoying Friends” “The Wider Community”


“Ask Me Why” by Matthew Billman and K. Joia Houheneka

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