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Episode 47 | Standing In The Way To Protect And Defend The Next Generation with Sarah Symons
Episode 474th January 2021 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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47: Standing In The Way To Protect And Defend The Next Generation

Our guest on the podcast this week is Sarah Symons.

Sarah is the founder and Director of Her Future Coalition, an international charity that has helped thousands of girls rise out of poverty and exploitation to become free and independent.

Over the years they have saved thousands of survivors in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand. Most exciting to Sarah is the fact that the survivors who joined our programs a few years ago are now managing the programs, working as trainers and mentors to newly rescued girls. They couldn’t imagine any future at all when they were living in brothels. Now, their dreams are limitless! - Welcome Sarah

Listen in as we discuss how Sarah went from a successful career as a songwriter in the film and tv industry to helping sex trafficking survivors in Nepal and India.

We talk through the traumatic reality that many girls in poor communities are subject to, the web of lies and deceit that can prompt parents to sell their daughters at a young age, how it can become almost ‘normalized’, and the societal problems that create a world where this not only happens but thrives.

She also talks of the joy and hope the survivors bring to her organization, paying it forward to stand in the way for the next generation of girls and women.

The resilience of these girls to me, was staggering after everything they had been through, to be of service to others, to be utterly selfless and committed to make a difference.

I had so many emotions during this conversation, from deep sadness to horror that we live in a world where this is allowed to happen, to the hope, the joy that Sarah brings to an incredibly challenging situation.

I was left feeling moved at a soul level by the work and the relentlessly positive determination to make a difference that runs through Sarah’s organization ‘Her Future Coalition’, and how we can all make a difference. I hope you’ll find the courage to listen, and be moved yourself enough that you might also want to make a difference.

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