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Being With Change
Bonus Episode21st September 2021 • Be With Cassandra • Cassandra Ellis
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Let's go behind the scenes before the show has even begun. Today Cassandra Ellis, our host, chats about changing the name of this very podcast and the reasons why she's dealing with this change in this way, before we've even really begun. Gratitude for the birds on Whidbey Island singing at the beginning and end of this episode.

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Being With Change: Episode Zero

Aired on Tuesday September 21, 2021

Snuggled between the Harvest Full Moon and the Autumnal Equinox


Cassandra: [:

And I'll share the new name of the podcast at the end of this little welcome.

So, I published the trailer back in May. And what I've come to realize is that this podcast space that I'm envisioning creating is more than just change. [laughs]

is podcast, as well as just, [:

s in the title. Um, and yet, [:

And what if those other things I don't even know about right now in this moment?

I want to be open to that. I want to intentionally make the container so that it, it can welcome that in rather than hem and haw about if this really fits into the topic. Or if this needs to be a different project.

even seen the stage.[laughs] [:

And in a way, this is me making clear that this is, this is a process that I, and you, and we are in right now.

So we're behind the scenes. Soon we'll be on the stage, but on the stage really is still very much engaged in the experience- in the process.

It's not really a show with [:

It's an experience.

It's an experience that I am saying yes to by serving as the host. That you, the listener, is saying yes to, for however long you choose to listen.

hoosing to be a part of this [:

work in mind. And so I'll be [:

And thereafter... we'll see! [laughs]

It's gonna be an experience in being together, in being connected, in learning together, in being authentic together, in intentionally choosing to experiment, to play.

And so I'll, I'll end with sharing what the name of the podcast is now. And, it's very simple.

Be with Cassandra.

f the podcast. It's the name [:

Simple, but not easy to be, right? It takes a lot of work to be able to arrive at being with yourself. Being with somebody else. Being with your environment. It takes courage to be with because it's vulnerable.

hen you're really being with [:

And the reverse also is courageous to, to choose and to be ready to be with whoever is ready [small laugh while speaking] and courageously saying yes to being with you. So I invite you to be with me in this unfolding.

So. Thanks for listening. Thank you to you.

And. [laughs while speaking]

Yeah. I am excited for this.