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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 31, 16th April 2021
Product Marketing Life | Alexander Becker, Dorm Room Fund
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Product Marketing Life | Alexander Becker, Dorm Room Fund

This week on Product Marketing Life we got together with Alexander Becker, PMM and Managing Partner at Dorm Room Fund to chat all about his must-read new book The Product Marketing Field Guide. Alexander shared his inspiration for the book, the history of B2B PMM, his views on product-led growth, and heaps more fascinating insights. 


"I don't think we're going to wake up in five years and see that markets are less competitive, or that technical trends have reversed, and all of a sudden software is more expensive to create. And so as we look at product marketing moving forward, I think that a lot of these predictions and solutions in the space are going to ultimately tie back to those two forces of cost of development and cost of growth."