Aesthetic Threads for Anti-Aging
Episode 1819th July 2023 • The Skin Report • Dr. Simran Sethi
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Thread lifts are currently all the rage in aesthetic beauty procedures. PDO threads can provide an extra boost to your skin without going under the knife. But could this quick, nonsurgical anti-aging procedure be right for you and your skin?

The Skin Report is a podcast created to educate listeners on methods to improve skin health for people of all ethnicities and ages. On this episode, host Dr. Sethi unveils the truth behind PDO threads and the thread lift, what it accomplishes, and why. She breaks down this popular anti-aging approach and explains how it differs from other methods like topical products or the traditional surgical facelift. PDO threads are a non-invasive, nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that can provide skin tightening and a moderate facelift with minimal downtime. Dr. Sethi shares how thread lifts work, discusses the different types of thread lifts, and explains the treatment and recovery process. Finally, she goes over how threads can address sagging face skin and expression lines and be used together with other aesthetic treatments for a more dramatic look.

As the founder of RenewMD Beauty Medical Spas and a woman of color, Dr. Sethi shares her experience and knowledge in skincare and aesthetic procedures. So expand your skincare knowledge and learn about the science behind thread lifts in this informative episode!

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