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16: Embracing Aquarius Energy and our Full Moon in Leo
Episode 1619th February 2024 • The Cosmic Mystic Podcast • Danie C. Muniz
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Welcome back to another episode of The Cosmic Mystic Podcast. This episode is for your inquisitive mind and a guide for your soul's experience through the mystical ideas of Sidereal Astrology, Spirituality, and the transformative journey of Life after Awakening.

In this episode, learn all about:

  • The Essence of Aquarius: Discover the air and fixed nature of Aquarius, ruled by the unconventional Uranus, and how this energy influences your creative and rebellious spirit.
  • Manifestations of Aquarius: From a surge of innovative ideas to the rebel energy that says "I defy the conventional," learn how Aquarius energy might be showing up in your life, urging you towards freedom, independence, and finding your tribe in new communities.
  • Self-Awareness & Business Synergy: Explore areas of self-awareness prompted by Aquarius energy and practical ways to integrate this energy into your business, enhancing your impact as a healer or conscious leader.
  • Full Moon Energy: Grasp the significance of the Full Moon's role in the lunar cycle and how the Full Moon in Leo, happening on 2/24/24 at 6:30 am CT, casts a spotlight on opposition energies with Aquarius, setting the stage for a release.
  • Planet Transits: Experience the trine with Jupiter that promises emotional growth, happiness, and a conducive environment for socializing, alongside the challenges posed by oppositions with Saturn and Mercury, calling for introspection, acceptance of life's melancholic phases, and careful communication.
  • Rituals for Reflection: Discover a simple and transformative Full Moon ritual involving 3 simple steps.

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