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Ethical Selling VS. Unethical Selling w/ Jim Clair - Marketing With Integrity and Honesty |RTB#48
Episode 14425th June 2021 • The Road To A Billion • Stefan Georgi
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Lately, the copywriting world has been under attack, and with good reason...

People are tired of the OUTRAGEOUS ads and commercials that make them think, “how can they get away with saying that!?”

If you want the inside scoop of how highly experienced leaders in the industry are working to change this and make the world of Direct Response more transparent…

You CAN’T miss episode 48 of The Road to a Billion with Stefan Georgi…

The call-in show where YOU get to ask him questions about copywriting, freelancing, relationships, scaling offers, entrepreneurship, mindset, and more!

In this episode, Stefan is joined by former direct-response copywriter Jim Clair who crafted handfuls of hit offers for some of the biggest names in affiliate marketing in dating, weight-loss, fitness, and supplements...

But after around eight years in online marketing, he began to feel professionally and morally empty.

He noticed something off with the constantly asserted but never-questioned marketing tactics, "mindset and success methods," business models, and what that manifested.

So he now works with entrepreneurs and freelancers, and speaks about a better way to do marketing with integrity and honesty…

And how that can benefit your business and make you money.

Here’s a glimpse of the exclusive insights you are about to discover:

- The danger of dopamine and how it can lead to scaling addictions that will cause you to lose everything

- A philosophical approach to scale any offer from personal therapy to Budweiser beer

- How to hack proven templates to develop your writing skills and write like the Masters

- The simple yet powerful technique behind marketing Rolls Royce against their Cadillac competitors


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Show notes

  • There’s a long time connection between Stefan and Jim
  • The fascination of human nature and psychology that brought Jim to where he is today
  • The secret behind understanding particular goals to scale ANY business to ANY level
  • Why particular goals and building a foundation are the key to consistent and stable scaling
  • How Jim entered the world of Direct Response through a basement in Denver
  • ow the demoralizing mindset of money-being-everything caused Jim to finally look in the mirror
  • The hidden reality of being successful and THEN turning moral
  • What Jim is doing now to help new and experienced copywriters forge their own path
  • Navigating the delicate balance between hypey and honest in a world where people crave authenticity
  • Jim and Stefan give advice to their younger selves to help overcome difficult times.
  • This powerful advice will help beginner and experienced copywriters develop their skill to Master levels
  • An honest perspective that will help you sell products that seem scammy - even if they aren’t
  • How THESE top businesses used the Unsexy Truth to appeal to mass audiences across the world
  • Ogilvy’s power of using a timeless approach to maintain class while marketing against a powerful competitor
  • The power of using a Unique mechanism to differentiate yourself in a tough market will appeal to your customers
  • The best ways to connect with Jim Clair

Useful resources/links

Jim Clair Website

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The Boron Letters by Gary C Halbert

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