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The Prison Post #13 Richie Reseda, Co-Founder of Question Culture
Episode 133rd November 2020 • The Prison Post • CROP Organization
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Richie Reseda is formerly incarcerated and is the cofounder of Initiate Justice, Success Stories, and Question Culture. He is our brother and our friend and so much more. Richie shares his personal transformational story from growing up in Los Angeles, to becoming a gang member and a drug dealer to being the leader and world changer that he is today. His transformational story is told in our book, "Men Built for Others." We discussed Success Stories which he cofounded while incarcerated, patriarchy, and growing up in the culture of America. We also discuss hot button issues like Rehabilitation vs. Prison Abolitionism, the meaning of justice, and his organization, "Question Culture." Please don't miss this episode and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us an any of the major podcasting platforms. #ThePrisonPost, #The PrisonPostPodcast #CROPOrganization #WorkingTogethertoRestoreLives, #QuestionCulture, @RichieReseda on Instagram to find his