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I Used to be Somebody Featuring Carl Landau
Episode 10613th August 2021 • Going Solo • Smashing the Plateau
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Carl Landau has started 3 media companies and 5 magazines. He also has created hundreds of live conferences and trade shows.  Probably more importantly he has sold his 3 companies. His media companies were in the Software Development, Craft Brewing and Niche Media industry. He sold his last business 2 years ago and has started Pickleball Media. Carl is the host of the "I Used to be Somebody" podcast. It targets 50+ year old former Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Corporate types who don't want to retire but, want to do something new. More fun. More meaningful. We discuss:
  • The challenges about going solo even when you have figured out the money part [02:37]
  • The disturbing feeling of your inbox being empty [05:18]
  • The exciting discomfort of starting something new when you’re not 25 anymore [07:13]
  • How to pick business areas in growth mode [08:44]
  • The thing first-time solopreneurs worry about most [12:28]
  • How to start planning growth without having a business yet [14:46]
  • A real business or glorified hobby [17:02]
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