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Christmas Presents Every Gardener Will Love | Garden Tools You Can’t Live Without
27th November 2017 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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On Wednesday I did 3 interviews for my podcast and I kept thinking about the tools we use and the ones guests have recommended. Especially the scores we’ve come up with this year!

Gardener Tools


I mean my interview with  Jean Martin Fortier  in January was so informative. To prepare I perused his website for two days. He has so many awesome videos on YouTube of the cool inventions he’s come up with to make gardening efficient! It’s so cool. But by far the best tool Mike and I got this year was the broad fork!

I remember when this broad fork popped up on  amazon for only $99. I hesitated for about 20 seconds. Ok, maybe a little more. I can’t afford $99 right now. We can’t use one for weeks.  I’ve researched these and haven’t seen one for under $225 for years. There’s snow on the ground. It’s only $99.

Gardener tools the broad fork

The broad fork

First mentioned on my show by Erin from Orkestai Farm in episode 32,   then again byJean Martin Fortier


but this powerhouse was worth every penny. I want to get another one this year so we have one in the mini farm and one in the backyard garden! I might have to settle for a different one because this one’s been out of stock since the summer but I did find another one for $199 made in Montana.

The FLAT-FREE Wheelbarrow

Gardener Tools - the wheelbarrow full of compost

When I first came up with the question what tool could I not live without I thought a shovel, but then I realized without a doubt it would be a wheelbarrow and most of all I love our new one that has a FLAT-Free tire because it has no air in it. We found ours at Home Depot.


And Mike and I definitely prefer steel to plastic. We have at least 2 wheelbarrows although for a while we didn’t even have one that worked, but for hauling firewood, compost, rocks this thing is a powerhouse at our home and we can always use another.


One year my mom got Mike a pair of Fiskers pruners for Christmas. They were awesome, and I see why many of my guests say they can’t live without a pair of pruners. I remember as a kid my mom constantly walking around with hers. This summer I surely missed them, especially when I was cleaning out my secret garden.

Fiskars Pruners

I think any gardener would love a sharp new set of  pruners!

Felco Pruners

Maybe they were these Felco ones. 


One hoe that’s been recommended over and over is the Rogue Scuffle Hoe

Rogue Scuffle Hoe Tool

I can’t say we have any experience with it but I know many of my guests swear by it. Maybe I’ll get one for Mike this year!


The Diggit

Diggit Garden HAnd Tool, Diggit Hori Hori Garden Knife and Diggit Duck Garden Hand tool

Elena Schemetta did an interview with me who invented the Diggit garden tools! I saw Jennifer Ebling using one in one of her videos and I’m going to get one for Mike this Christmas. All of her tools look amazing and are affordable.


This was the lettuce we grew in my classroom for my guinea pig. This little box produced throughout the spring and the PITMOSS was the perfect medium to grow it in. 

lettuce harvest

I did an interview with one of those amazing millennials I love Ashley Mariani


PITMOSS prime 

PittMoss Performance Grow Bigger Stronger Plants

PITMOSSⓇ Performance


Aprons • Shopping Bags • Soaps • and Salves


simply josepine (1)

An apron and bag from Dacia at Simply Josephine! Who finally started to embrace podcasting and even listened to the interview with her I did over a year ago after begging her to do one with me for a year before that!


I get more compliments on her apron that I wear at work at least 2 days a week, and her bag I carry overstuffed everyday, everywhere! Her soap smells so good and gets you clean as a whistle! Her salves and sprays are amazing!





Garden shoe LOVE!!!! love love love these! Can’t say enough about them! Wore them to walk rails to trails yesterday! No more socks for me. I wore them all summer and threw them in the wash the other day and they are still running strong! And best of all they support a good cause for a non-profit in Seattle that helps pets. The Animal Rescue Site/Greater Good Store I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing I’ve ever bought off of Facebook!


As far as books the big release this year has to be Erin Benzakein’s book called Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Seasonal Blooms . Whether your a home gardener or want to become a flower farmer for market this book is filled with beautiful photos, great bouquet ideas and tips for getting the best blooms out of your garden anywhere. Learn from the master who produces more blooms in less space and watch the pollinators flock to your backyard!



Anna Hess’ Homegrown Humus is a great primer on cover crops you can’t go wrong with this affordable must have!

I’d be remiss not to mention my garden journal, I loved it so much I made one for 2017 I’m going to fill in from my pictures!


2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper



2017 Garden Journal and Data Keeper

Or  the NEW Plain Blank Garden Journal !

Garden Journal by Jackie Marie Beyer

Happy Holidays everyone I hope this makes your shopping a bit easier!

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