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An Introduction to Merlin Ventures with Seth Spergel
Episode 3931st October 2023 • CyberBytes: The Podcast • Powered by Aspiron Search
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Today’s guest we have Seth Spergel, Managing Partner and VP of Emerging Tech at Merlin Ventures. It’s no secret Merlin has invested in some of the most innovative Cybersecurity startups in Israel to date and is side by side with some of the bigger more established Cyber venture firms in the Israeli ecosystem. Seth shares his journey, the influence of his infamous partner Shay Michel and why you should be watching Merlin's journey.

We also dig into:

  • Seth’s investment thesis and why he invested in some of his current portfolio companies
  • Why Cybersecurity founders should fundraise with Merlin Ventures and their unique value add proposition
  • The future for Merlin Ventures, in particular replicating their success in Israel in the US and much more.




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