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Make Sure You Enjoy It with Mark Evans
12th May 2022 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Mark Evans is the Managing Director of Marketing and Digital at Direct Line, he’s on the board of the Marketing Society and is very much an imaginal leader. His leadership stories are as warm and wonderful as he is. A keen rugby player, he’s worked in lots of companies in lots of sectors and has learned what good leadership really means: providing clarity, energy and being grateful.

He talks about what it feels like to be the only man in the room when exclusively , and about the massive upside of diversity and inclusion on his business. 

He tells a story about the power one human can have on another, and how one moment guided every career decision through his life

And tells a candid story of the uncertainty and sometimes loneliness of moving towards servant leadership in their recent roller coaster ride in the move to agile.

Be Inspired. Be Imaginal. Be more Human.

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